• Paul


    A Georgia transplant to the River City, Paul taught Spanish for two years before pursuing his passion for sweet things in the form of an ice pop business. His beard is legendary and is often used in matters of international diplomacy.

    Fave Pop Banana Puddin

  • Nils


    (prounounced "kneels") joined the team part-time during the 2013 season and quickly became a go-to guy for all things pop related. This guy seriously does it all from making pops to slinging pops and everything in between. Nils is also fluent in German, so feel free to practice your Deutsch with him if you see him.

    Fave Pop Blueberry Lemongrass

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    Kelly sees it as a challenge when someone says they're a "dog person;" her dog, Charlie, consumes much of her time and much of the conversation. As our Marketing Guru, her love for things fluffy and cute help create a voice and style that we're proud of.

    Fave Pop Cookies n' Cream